A dive into the history of the buried city and its flavors

Let yourself be transported to discover the ancient Campania winemaking tradition

The Vesuvian soil has been cultivated since the ancient Greeks, they introduced the seeds of the “vitis vinifera”. However, it was the ancient Romans who fully developed the winemaking potential of the Vesuvian territories by implanting among other things the qualities of vines called “Vesuvius” which still now give riseto unique wines of their kind.

The tasting will take place at the Sorrentino Vini Winery, a state-of-the-art estate amidst experimental and ancient vineyards on volcanic lands that date back to 79 A.D. And this is in fact the particularity of the experience: after visiting the vineyard with the special excursion in the 79 A.D.section, which will allow you to touch and see the different layers of pyroclastic dust that covered Pompei, the day will continue in Pompei where an expert and qualified guide will guide customers for two hours in the magical city, thus allowing them to fill a single puzzle made up of volcanic ash, pre-phylloxera vineyards, and a living Pompeii.


After reaching one of the prime wineries in Campania, there will be a guided visit to the vineyard and winery with an introduction to wine harvesting, winemaking, geology of wine, vine training systems, and wine production techniques. On request, it will be possible to further expand the tour to reach a unique section in the vineyard, and in the world, which exposes the close connection between the 79AD eruption that destroyed Pompeii, and the soil where the wine of such exclusive grows. You will experience the possibility of observing the layers of pyroclastic material that covered Pompeii on the 24th and 25th of October 79AD, understanding how the volcanic soil affects the wine you will be drinking during the tasting.

After the walking tour lasting approximately 50 minutes, customers will be accompanied to the restaurant, where they will be served a 4-course lunch on the exclusive pergola terrace, using seasonal and farm-to-table products,

The wine-tasting lunch will be led by a dedicated sommelier who will start the experience with an anthropological introduction to the history of wine in the world, Italy, Campania, and around Vesuvius with the support of a PowerPoint presentation of 20 minutes approx.  The experience will continue with an introduction to the indigenous wines, seasonally and carefully chosen to pair with the dishes proposed for the event.  The sommelier will tune in on the guest’s level, and teach basic wine inspection techniques, and food-wine pairing strategies, and where requested and needed, further examine in depth any topic demanded.

At the end of the tasting, customers will be driven to Pompeii, where a professional licensed guide will be waiting to guide them and tell them about the eruption of August 24th 79AD. In this way, they will understand what happened on that fateful day. At the end of the tour, they will have two hours to continue visiting Pompeii before being picked up by the driver and be taken back to their accmmodation.


330€ per person
Min. 2 people
8 wines
3 startrs, 2 mains, 1 dessert
dedicated Sommelier
Private guide for Pompei
Private transport

Tour Times

Mon - Sun
9am - 4pm


2 hours approx.

Wheelchairs welcome


1 guided visit with bilingual English – Italian professional somelier

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