Mineral Wines

This is how minerals affec twine and food

Let's find out the role of minerality in wine

The minerality in the wine gives character and peculiarities that make the wines unique, but also how it makes the same varieties completely different!


The offer includes an in-depth study on the subject of mineral organoleptic sensations through food and wine tastings of regional, national and world wines. The experience will be guided by clarifying the role of minerals in wine in a simple and intuitive way, through an introduction and insight into the geology of wine.


Meet our experts at mealtime who will take you on a technical tasting experience of some of the best national and international wines renowned for their minerality, explaining in a simple way how one aspect of the terroir, i.e. the soil, influences the character of the wine, combining them with dishes of local and national origin which will help to understand their role in nutrition. Through a detailed but simple introduction to geology, we will understand in a simple way how the soil influences wine, and how the same grape variety changes its characteristics depending on the soil.

The wine-tasting evening will be led by a dedicated sommelier who will start the experience with an anthropological introduction to the history of wine in the world where minerality plays a key role in grape quality with the support of a PowerPoint presentation of 20 minutes approx.  The experience will continue with an introduction to the indigenous wines, seasonally and carefully chosen to pair with the dishes proposed for the event.  The sommelier will tune in on the guest’s level, and teach basic wine inspection techniques, and food-wine pairing strategies, and where requested and needed, further examine in depth any topic demanded.


140€ per person
Min. 2 people
2 starters, 2 mains, 1 dessert
Private dedicated Sommelier


Tue - Wed - Thurs


Approximately 2:30 hours

Full accessibility


Guide with professional bilingual sommelier (ITA - ENG) of the European School of Wine

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