Alcoholic or non-alcoholic wines? The decision is yours!

Let's explore together a new way of drinking wine and analyze the differences.

Let's explore together a new way of drinking wine and analyze the differences.

What are non-alcoholic wines
Is the role of wine in society perhaps changing?
The offer includes an in-depth study of the theme of alcoholization and de-alcoholization of wine through food and wine tastings of regional, national and world alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. The experience will be guided by a NWT sommelier, after a brief historical introduction on the role of wine as an alcoholic beverage in history, the function of alcohol in wine, and the comparison with non-alcoholic ones.


Meet our experts at mealtime who will take you on a technical tasting experience of some of the most exclusive national and international wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, paired with dishes from Campania and national cuisine. Through a detailed introduction to the history of the role of alcoholic wines, their production process, their use and abuse, we will understand why non-alcoholic wines are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Guests will be presented with the same variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines – learning the de-alcoholization systems – which will be paired with local dishes, and will experience food and wine emotions guided by the NWT sommelier.


135€ per person
min. 2 people
5 wines – 4 first courses, 1 second course
1 professional sommelier

Tour Times

Tue - Sat
19.00 - 21.30


Approximately 2.30 hours

Wheelchairs welcome


1 guided visit with bilingual English – Italian professional somelier

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