Discover the mysterious history of sacred ritual wines

Taste and discover our terroir

The world is full of legends and history of the wines drank and used for centuries during sacred rituals

The offer comprises an insight on the history on the usage of wines in the pagan rituals and in the religions of the world, while understanding the reasons that led the choice of specific wine varieties, the criteria of production, and ritual preparation. The experience will be further enriched guided highlighting the features of the terroir and regions related to the wines.


Meet our experts at meal times who will lead you on a tasting experience of some of the most mysterious and unknown world of the wines drank in the world of sacramental rituals, and paired with  traditional local dishes, while being  dragged into a world of legends, history and mysteries of the, pagan and post-pagan world. Wines drank in the Christian, Jew, Islamic, Buddhist, Hinduist and Taoist world will be analyzed. In approximately 2 hours, with the support of a PowerPoint presentation, the most authentic wines from the world of the sacramental liturgy will be explored, told, tasted and understood.


140€ per person
Min. 2 people
5 wines – 3 starters, 2 mains
1 professional sommelier

Tour Times

Tue – Sat
7pm - 9:30pm


2 hours and half approx.

Wheelchairs welcome


Guided tour of the vineyards by the producer
1 guided visit with bilingual English – Italian professional somelier
Transfer Included

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