IRPINIA: Discover the unique wines dating back to Irpinia medieval times

Stroll through Irpinia, a region within the region!

Stroll through Irpinia, a region within the region!

Irpinia is rich in fortifications and defensive structures which have played a role in some of he most unique wines and food of the region

The offer comprises an in-depth of Irpiania’s eno-gastronomic cultural tour through wine-food tasting & matching of the premiere wines of the first and oldest sparkling wine producer in Campania, located in the medieval town of Tufo.  The experience will be guided highlighting the features of the terroir, telling the history and the legends behind the town, followed by a guided visit of the town and its prisons.


Following a brief historical introduction with a 40-minute walking tour showing the winery and the extension of the vineyards, customers will be guided by a family member to one of the vineyards, and then taken to the historic cellar, where they will witness various processes of transformation of grapes into wine.

After the tour, our clients will be accompanied to the exclusive winery restaurant, just a 2-minute walk from the cellar, where they will be served a 5-course lunch on the exclusive and panoramic restaurant, using seasonal products from farm-to-table.

The tasting will be led by an expert Sommelier NWT of the European School of Sommelier available to diners for the duration of the experience, who in addition to telling you stories, anecdotes and curiosities about the wines provided, will also show you the basics and techniques of inspection and organoleptic analysis of wine, and food-wine pairing techniques, in order to better understand and appreciate the sensory experience and to understand the reason for certain combinations and eno-gastronomic matches.

Irpinia Background information

Irpinia is a historical and geographical region in southern Italy, located in the eastern part of the province of Avellino in Campania. It has a rich and varied history, especially in the medieval period, when it was a contested territory among different feudal lords and dynasties. One of the most distinctive features of Irpinia is its castellated density, meaning the high number of castles, that dot its hilly and mountainous areas.  These castles were built from the Longobard domination (568-774) to the Aragonese rule (1442-1503), and reflect the different architectural styles and influences of each Some of the most notable castles in Irpinia are: Avella, Summonte, Ariano Irpino, Gesualdo, Lauro, Monteverde and Rocca San Many of these castles have been restored and are open to visitors, hosting museums, events and cultural activities.


250€ per person
Min. 2 people
7 wines – 4 starters,
1 lunch
1 guided tour in a mediaeval town
1 private vineyard tour
1 private winery tour

Tour Times

Mon – Sat
9am - 6:30pm


6hrs and 30 min approx.

Wheelchairs welcome


1 guided visit with bilingual English – Italian professional somelier

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