San Valentine, and The winesof Love

To make the most romantic period of the year unforgettable, we will welcome you in the right atmosphere: sensual and aphrodisiac with the right wines and combinations

“And where there is no wine there is no love; nor do mortals have any other delight `` -Euripides

San Valentine’s day: was is really all about love?

Come and find out how pagans and post-pagans celebrated such a festivity, and you will probably reconsider your views of such a celebration where torture, blood, sacrificed animals and dark rituals represented the core of real love.

Find out how such a horrendous festivity inspired world-famous artists and poets to explore landmark wines from 5 Italian regions and their world-famous love & horror stories.

Our journey will start in Veneto near Lake Como with the adventures of Renzo and Lucia, to then move to Lombardia,  in   Verona, where  Romeo and Juliet exchange timeless words of love in the alleys and courtyards., and then it will continue at the Gradara Castle, Paolo and Francesca’s secret love nest, and then eventually move down to CAmpania, in Naples,  with the legendary love story of Nisida and Posillipo, and finally end our journey with Sicily and the ancient legend of an inexorable love, that of the Moors.


Participants will be able to learn about the history, curiosities, characteristics of the territory, the vines grow, and the organoleptic characteristics of the wines produced in the 5 regions  representing the immortal love stories of  Italy: Lombardia, Veneto, Le Marche, Campania and Sicily

The meeting includes the tasting of 5 wines that will be served in combination with typical dishes from the production area of ​​the same, all for a total duration of about 2 hours and 30 minutes,

The wine-tasting evening will be led by an exclusively dedicated sommelier who will start the experience with an anthropological introduction to the history of the production of wines in the related regions of love with the support of a PowerPoint presentation of 20 minutes approx.  The experience will continue with an introduction to the wines, seasonally and carefully chosen to pair with the dishes proposed for the event.  The sommelier will tune in on the guest’s level, and teach basic wine inspection techniques, and food-wine pairing strategies, and where requested and needed, further examine in depth any topic demanded.


130€ per person
2 people minimum
5 wines
2, starters, 2 mains, 1 dessert
1 dedicated Sommelier


Tue - Sat
19.30 - 22.00


Approx. 2 hours

less abled friendly


Bilingual professional Sommelier (ITA-ENG, FRE - ITA) of the European School of Sommelliers

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