To make the most romantic period of the year unforgettable, we will welcome you in the right atmosphere: sensual and aphrodisiac with the right wines and combinations

“And where there is no wine there is no love; nor do mortals have any other delight `` -Euripides

The cities with the most romantic and poignant love stories ever are in Italy. Let’s find out together with the best wine pairings, typical of the regions where the events are set.

A journey to discover the most famous love stories of Italy, combined with a glass of wine typical of the regions that are the background to these tales. Starting from “That branch of Lake Como” with the adventures of Renzo and Lucia, arriving in Verona, where it is not difficult to imagine Romeo and Juliet exchanging timeless words of love in the alleys and courtyards. And at the Gradara Castle, Paolo and Francesca’s secret love nest, and then take a look at the splendid panorama of Naples with the legendary love story of Nisida and Posillipo. Ending our journey with Sicily and the ancient legend of an inexorable love, that of the Moors.

February is the month of love. There is no better time to discover Naples, its wines and the legends that make Neapolitan atmosphere unique in the world. The legend of Nisida and Posillipo has been chosen for this occasion. Posillipo enchanted promontory known all over the world that needs no introduction, hides a legend capable of captivating even today.

Once upon a time there was a young man well-liked by all, handsome and carefree, whose name was Posillipo. Love had ignited his heart with a burning passion for the beautiful Nisida, but his love was unrequited. Nisida’s external beauty was not the reflection of her internal beauty which is why Posillipo’s sufferings did not touch her cold heart.

Unrequited love

Nisida, aware of her beauty, amused herself by deluding men that they could love each other without any scruple. So  Posillipo decided to take his own life by jumping into the sea and drowning himself.

Eternal love

But the magic of love and destiny decided not to let him die, but to transform it into a promontory where the waves of the sea had broken forever. The beautiful Nisida was also transformed into an islet positioned right in front of the young Posillipo. The two young men were now facing each other, so as to always see themselves united by an isthmus. The latter became the symbol of a two people touching each other without ever really touching each other.

After talking about Venus … we face Bacchus.

CAMPI FLEGREI D.O.C. was  established on this enchanted territory  in 1994. The “Per’e palumm” and  Falanghina in all their forms are waiting for you to be  tasted and lived with their emotions. Small wineries produce excellent wines in enchanted scenery to say the least, on the remains of Roman walls and in breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea.


Following a brief historical-anthropological introduction on wine, participants will be able to learn about the history, curiosities, characteristics of the territory, the vines grown and the organoleptic characteristics of the wines produced in 4 of the production areas, selected according to the season between the following ones:

Lombardia, Veneto, Le MArche, Campania and Sicily

The meeting includes the tasting of 4 wines that will be served in combination with typical dishes from the production area of ​​the same, all for a total duration of about 2 hours.


120€ per person
2 people minimum
5 wines
3 rich tasting and 1 main
1 Sommelier


Tue - Sat
19.30 - 22.00


Approx. 2 hours

less abled friendly


Bilingual professional Sommelier (ITA-ENG, FRE - ITA) of the European School of Sommelliers

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