Discover the most evocative wines of Campania paired with its traditional dishes

Taste and discover our terroir

The rich biodiversity of Campania’s terroir allows the harvesting of incredibly different wine varieties, each with unique characteristics


The offer includes an in-depth study of Campania’s food and wine culture through food and wine tastings and pairings of first regional wines and traditional dishes. The experience will be guided by highlighting the characteristics of the terroir, telling the history and legends behind the wines started by the Greeks and carried forward by the Romans.


At dinner time you will meet our experts who will lead you on a tasting experience of some of the best Campania wines paired with traditional local dishes, and let yourself be drawn into a world of legends, history and mysteries handed down by the Greeks and Romans. In approximately 2 and a half hours the best seasonal native wines from the following areas will be tasted: Campi Flegrei, Vesuvius, Irpinia, Massico, Aversa, Capri, Cilento, Amalfi Coast, Sannio, Ischia, Sorrento Peninsula.

The tasting evening will be led by a dedicated sommelier who will begin the experience with an anthropological introduction to the history of wine in the world, in Italy and in Campania with the support of a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 20 minutes. The experience will continue with the introduction to native wines, chosen seasonally and carefully to match them with the dishes proposed for the event. The sommelier will tune in to the guest’s level and teach basic wine inspection techniques, food-wine pairing strategies and, where requested and necessary, delve further into any required topics.


130€ per person
Min. 2 people
5 wines
2 starters, 2 mains,1 dessert
Private dedicated Sommelier


Mar – Sab
19.00 - 21:30


2hm e 30min circa

Completamente accessibile


1 visita guidata con somelier professionista bilingue inglese – italiano

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