Harvest with us!

Find out why manual harvesting is essential and how pruning and trellising are carried out.


Experience the importance of correct harvesting
Learn why it is critical to hand harvest, how pruning and trellising is done

The offer includes an in-depth experience in the vineyard during the harvest season(end of August
till late October) during which you will be invited to hand pick and harvest in a local vineyard. You
will be taught how to harvest, how pruning and trellising takes place, different types of vine
training systems, physiology of the plant and grape, and how it the terroir affects the final product:
the wine you will be drinking during the lunch that follows later in the day (from the previous
vintages). The experience will be guided by local harvest experts in conjunction with the NWT


In the early morning you will meet our experts who will lead you in the vineyard where you will be
given tools and a bucket, and you will be given a brief explanation on the life of the vine, how if
grows, where to cut the grape and to place it in the supplied bucket.
The experience will continue with a lunch led by a dedicated NWT sommelier who will start the
experience with an anthropological introduction to the history of wine in the world, Italy, and
Campania, with the support of a PowerPoint presentation of 20 minutes approx. The experience
will continue with an introduction to the indigenous wines, seasonally and carefully chosen to pair
with the dishes proposed for the event. The sommelier will tune in on the guest’s level, and teach
basic wine inspection techniques, and food-wine pairing strategies, and where requested and
needed, further examine in depth any topic demanded.


220€ per person
8 wines
2 starters, 2 mains, 1 dessert
Private dedicated Sommelier
Private wine harvest class
2 people min.
Private Trasportation

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Full Day


Full Day

Wheelchairs welcome


1 guided visit with bilingual English – Italian professional somelier

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